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"Dena is one of the most knowledgeable agents I know when it comes to contracts and looking out for what is best to protect her sellers & buyers." KS


"Some Realtors that you chose to help you buy a home are not really your advocate. Dena really advocates for the you the buyer. She has the knowledge and experience to look at the prospective property and honestly advise you as to the quality of the home and what might be potential future problems. She is an excellent communicator both with you and the selling agent. She was with us every step of the way with the home recently purchased.  I have recommended her to anyone looking for a helpful, caring, honest realtor." JD


"Dena is awesome! My husband and I have worked with her twice: once to find a rental home and then again when we were buying our first home. I can't say enough good things about her. She is honest, knowledgeable, reliable, and extremely helpful. We highly recommend her and will definitely use her again in the future!" AE


"Dena was incredibly helpful when I wanted to sell my house in Irving to move out of state.  She provided the most realistic assessment of the market that I had received from any realtor and then proceeded to market the house carefully with sales material suited to the property and the area.  Importantly, she also made sure that the property had many showings.  Dena will work with you to provide what you need to sell a house.  Highly recommended!" CS


"I Heard about Dena from my parents who had moved to Dallas a year prior to me moving down. Once I got settled my parents stated I should reach out to Dena as she was amazing for them. Boy they were dead on. Dena was unbelievable in terms of helping me look for a house. She helped me along the way as we ended up building a house. Regardless of the fact, I would always recommend Dena to anyone who was looking for a house. She is always asking the right questions and will go beyond what one might expect." PM


"I was in the market for buying my first home, which turned out to be quite a long process. Dena showed me dozens of houses and previewed even more until we found the right one for me. She taught me what to look for in different houses that might come up on inspection just so I was prepared. She has great instincts, and wasn't afraid to be honest with me. She will be there for you the entire process and after if you need her." MB


“She was the listing agent for the sale of our home, developed a marketing strategy, prepared a beautiful brochure which showed our property in it's best light, and worked most diligently with us until the sale was finalized. Dena is one of the most amazing women we have ever met. She is a whirlwind of energy and is the most dedicated and professional real estate agent you would ever hope to meet. She makes you feel as though you are her only client when, in fact, she has dozens she works with at a time. We had an unusual situation in selling our home in that my husband drove me to Florida so that I could spend a part of the summer with a good friend, and shortly after arriving, we made the decision to move there. My husband assured me that he would sell our home while I was to search for a new home in Florida. I felt quite guilty leaving the decluttering and putting the house on the market up to him inasmuch as he was 78 years old. But into our life walked the most extraordinary individual, a guardian angel by the name of Dena Smith. She advised my husband what he needed to do and what needed to be given away since we had lived in the home for 38 years and needless to say had a lot of extra clutter (stuff!). Dena kept checking on his progress, gave him advice and continued to encourage him along the way. She went to check on him at least three times a week. As though she didn't have enough to do with him, she kept me informed as to his progress. Dena also produced an attractive and professional-looking marketing brochure which depicted the home beautifully. She worked diligently and smart in determining the best marketing strategy and finally the best way to structure the sale so that we came out with what we expected financially. All of the documentation -- and there was a lot -- was sent to me via email and with her assistance we were able to sign all documents electronically. Dena is knowledgeable, professional, ethical and a wonderful human being. She went far above and way beyond what an agent would normally do, and she did it with a fabulous sense of humor. We couldn't recommend her more highly; she's just awesome” VS RS


“Thank you so much Dena! I love my new house and appreciate all of your diligent work on my behalf." NK


"Thank you for making sure that we were comfortable with each step before we took it and offering up more helpful advice rather than just lowering the price...... Thanks a million times over for helping with this daunting task." BW CS


“We couldn't have followed our dream without your help. You are a dream agent - easy to work with, smart and knowledgeable!" JT DT


"Almost instantly, Dena brought a more detailed & personalized strategy to sell my house than I had received before. I was impressed with her quick responsiveness to my many questions. My closing was a complex one, but Dena was a champ through it all. I appreciated her patient and personable attitude throughout the entire process. While looking for my new home, Dena proactively found a house that was exactly what I was looking for. I viewed the house the first day it was on the market, & we submitted a contract that night. I now have my dream home thanks to Dena putting me at the front of the line to view this house." GE


“Dena’s ability to go above and beyond her responsibilities speaks volumes about her work ethic and professionalism. I cannot recommend her more highly for any task you might consider her for, whether it’s as a Realtor, a contractor, or a consultant. You’ll always get your money’s worth – and more.” TK


"Dena I think you’re great I've got an agent for life!" BT


"We want to thank you for the excellent service you provided as our listing agent during the sale of our home. Since we moved before selling, it was a great comfort knowing you were checking on the house frequently. We also appreciated your advice during the offers that we received, your dependable communication on all points, the occasional 'just checking' calls and your ability to pleasantly and calmly do business with just about anyone." SW DW


“You were just great to work with. I really appreciate everything that you did.” DD


"We thoroughly enjoyed working with you and you made our first home purchase a very smooth transaction. We appreciate your hard work and will definitely recommend you. Thanks!" MS SS


“You have been such a great Realtor and have made this whole experience pleasant.” “We just feel so at home and so blessed.” NG


“As always, you have been a pleasure to work with.” JS


"This was a long process and I appreciate that you patiently put up with me the whole time. We couldn't be happier with the purchase." CO


“You did a wonderful job for us and I would love to share that experience with future clients.” LT


“Thank you so much with helping us find this house and we will definitely recommend you.” WY


"We are completely satisfied in the professional manner in which you conducted the sale of our homes. You went the extra mile on keeping the city off our back with the yard, getting someone in there to get the grass cut and to haul off some trash. You handled all the paperwork concerning the sale through fax and mail; therefore we did not have to return to Texas. We would highly recommend you to our friends." SC KC


"You’ve been awesome through all of this, Dena! Thanks for all you’ve done!" CB

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