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What You Get with DSmith Realtors Buyer Representation

Regardless of the market, being able to move quickly, accurately and efficiently is key. Well priced properties will always sell quickly.


Providing this level of service may take more time than the average agent has to spend with their clients. Success demands that your agent be above average, have adequate time to spend with you and a strong understanding of negotiation strategies.


Buyers need an agent that knows what groundwork needs to be in place, has a process for beating the competition to the good properties and can write a strong balanced offer with an understanding of what it takes to get offers accepted.

• Customized web portal search populates based on specific criteria with the ability to make notes and categorize these listings.

• Counseling on the best strategy for finding and procuring the right property.

Detailed information outlining different types of sellers, how these transactions are different and how that affects a buyer.

• Step by Step outline of a typical transaction.

• Showings that work with your schedule and previewing services for special situations.

• Comparative Market Analysis on properties that are of particular interest.

• Procuring the required disclosures and ensuring that they are properly completed.

• Counseling and advice on writing a strong offer, contract negotiation and the best way to achieve your goal.

• Guidance through the inspection & repairs processes.

Prompt attention to contract deadlines and looking after your best interests.

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